Lieder, die auf irgend eine Art und Weise etwas mit unserem momentanen Zustand und unserer Zeit zu tun haben. Finde selber heraus was...

Was Du liebst lass frei


Die Liebe muss frei sein, nur dann ist sie echt. Du kannst sie nicht halten wenn sie dich verlässt. Sie kommt unerwartet und ist nur geliehn und will sie dann weiter - lass sie ziehn.

Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Es wird wiederkehren so es Liebe sei.


Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Das wahrhaft Eine bleibt dir treu. Was du liebst, lass frei. 

Was du liebst!

Die Liebe muss wild sein, nur so ist sie schön. Und lässt du sie atmen wird sie zu dir stehn. Sie folgt ihren Wegen und nicht deinem Plan und kommt sie zu dir, dann denk daran:


Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Es wird wiederkehren so es Liebe sei. Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Das wahrhaft Eine bleibt dir treu. 


Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Es wird wiederkehren so es Liebe sei.


Was du liebst lass los, was du liebst lass frei. Das wahrhaft Eine bleibt dir treu.


Was du liebst, lass frei.


Was du liebst, lass frei!


Es ist an der Zeit

Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader, Konstantin Wecker 

Die Freiheit

Georg Danzer 

Playing For Change - Songs Around The World

One Love

The Marley family and Amplified Music have reimagined Bob Marley’s iconic song, "One Love" in support of UNICEF's coronavirus response.


This new version features members of the Marley family as well as artists from various parts of the world, including conflict zones and refugee camps.


This global project is raising funds to support children most affected by COVID-19 in developing countries, where help is urgently needed.

International Women's Day

This International Women's Day we want to celebrate the Mother's Society's 10 years of impact. For a decade they've been providing communities in Nepal with their life-saving, life-affirming message, educating the villages about the warning signs and techniques of traffickers and about the rights of women and children through the power of drama, music, and dance...


They have been asked to bring their impactful program to farther reaches of the country, where the need is great but there is no access to this vital information.


According to Unicef, 12,000 children are trafficked to India from Nepal every year. Girls and young women are treated as a commodity.

Chanda Mama

This Song Around The World is a folk tune from Chennai, India.


We started the track in New Orleans and added musicians from the across the globe before finally delivering it the people of its origin.


We ended up in Chennai recording and filming the vocals from the Oneness Choir.


The track has a feeling of perseverance and joy and features vocalists from four continents.

Words of Wonder

Get Up Stand Up feat. Keith Richards

Today is a great day!!! We present to you all a new PFC Song Around The World featuring Keith Richards in collaboration with Roberto Luti, Titi Tsira and a number of worldwide musicians on a rendition of his reggae song, "Words of Wonder," off 1992's Main Offender.


This video also leads into a cover of Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up," featuring Keb' Mo', Mermans Mosengo, Aztec Indians, Natalie Pa'apa'a of Blue King Brown, and Jamaican singer Sherita Lewis.

Mark's Park

For our sixth episode of Mark's Park, we travel to the beautiful countryside of Calatayud, Spain, where we join our friends, longtime musical collaborators Luke Winslow-King and Roberto Luti, live outside in Luke's backyard.


The magic these two create is undeniable and is felt through every note sung and every guitar chord strummed.


Let the enchanting melodies of this special performance speak to your heart and fill it with love. 

Clandestino feat Manu Ch

We are excited to share another Song Around The World with all of you! "Clandestino" is a song of the people and this video represents the hearts and spirits of all those in search of a better world.


We began this Playing For Change version with an Oud master in Morocco and gypsies in Budapest and then layered in bass, percussion, strings and vocals from Manu Chao and friends until it formed into a Global Roots Reggae-Latin jam around the world.


United people will find their way and music is our guide.

Meine Schüler geb ich nicht

"Nein meine Schüler geb' ich nicht!"
Ein Lehrer aus Bayern singt für seine Schüler ein sehr berührendes Lied.
Aus tiefstem Herzen will er seine Schüler, unsere Kinder, Schützen. 

1000 Dank an diesen mutigen Lehrer!

Sommer 2021
Nein meine Schüler geb' ich nicht.mp3
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Nein, meine Söhne geb' ich nicht

Reinhard Mey & Freunde 


Sarah Lesch - Testament - Live 2016

Die Weiße Rose

Konstantin Wecker (1983 solo live im Schweizer Fernsehen) 

Freiheit, Freiheit

 Freiheit. Freiheit!  (Unbeugsam)

Daniel Stricker 

DNA Song

Your DNA Song Ltd - DNA to Music Process

100% Schweizer Musik Polo Hofer & Friends

Ich glaibä dra

Eindrückliche Zeitrafferaufnahmen aus der Schweiz zum Lied "Ich glaibä dra" von Heimweh.

Es ist Zeit für... Komm mit.

Musik ist Heilung.....

Dä Fläschägeischt

Nothing Else Matters

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Piano cover)

Sei wachsam

Time to say goodbye

Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli

Time To Say Goodbye performed by Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli. (C) 1997


In November 1996, Andrea and Sarah Brightman were invited to perform the duet 'Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò)' at the farewell contest of the German World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion, Henry Maske. A national hero held in unrivaled esteem, he is known for his love of selecting entrance themes to his bouts. Sarah Brightman, the internationally renowned soprano and friend of Henry Maske heard 'Con Te Partirò' in a restaurant while dining with her friends. Entranced by the singer and the song, Brightman made contact with Andrea. Andrea and Brightman re-recorded 'Con Te Partirò' as the duet 'Time To Say Goodbye' with members of the London Symphony Orchestra.


This live version is from Brightman's first full concert recording, "Sarah Brightman: In Concert", from London's Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paul Bateman. Guest artists include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Adam Clark and Andrea Bocelli. The concert was released to video in 1998.


The concert was directed by David Mallet.